Where have I been?

Matt Carter

I began doing design work as a minister. Lots of folks want to build their church a website, but very few are willing to maintain it! Lots of folks might make a flyer or image, but as volunteers, they can’t always deliver on time. I learned the basics of design in self defense. I built websites in html, then CSS as we evolved. Then in 2006, I discovered WordPress and have been working in WordPress ever since.

For a while I free-lanced design work, mainly websites. I built them with WordPress.org – it’s been a while, so if anyone is still using what I designed for them, it’s pretty out of date!

Fall 2011 I went to work for Harding School of Theology, a seminary in Memphis, TN. I serve as the Director of Admissions and do all of the website maintenance and create a lot of the literature for the institution. For several years I did pretty much all of the design work, but now I am supported by the university communications department at our parent institution, Harding University.

When I was a doctoral student in 2017, I needed to build a website for my dissertation project. For the first time, I tried WordPress.com for my site OneBodyWorkshop.com. There was a bit of a learning curve – I was still using the classic editor and working in the text editor, but I survived! A couple of years ago I moved this site to WordPress.com, too. I didn’t want to maintain it, but I didn’t want to let it go, so it’s been sitting dormant. I’m thinking about putting some things here, but this is not a high priority for me šŸ™‚

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